Friday, February 10, 2017

Palm Room at the Plaza (6th Ave and 59th St) 01/2017

The Plaza was once owned by Donald Trump. It's a classy old hotel in a fantastic position across the road from Central Park.
In their basement they have a restaurant and food halls serving everything from the most expensive caviar to hot dogs. 
On the ground floor, designated as 1 in America, is the Palm Room which gets its name from the substantial palm trees in the room.

It's an elegant hotel and this is an elegant breakfast room with an impressive entrance.

It is attractively furnished 

and lit by a huge skylight.
There is a choice of a $48 buffet with all the usual things, very nicely presented, 

or an a la carte menu

Eggs Benedick 
always popular (the salmon cost an extra A$10)
Shakshuka, pretty traditional 
and very spicy with plenty of tomato and two eggs hidden in the centre.
Pancakes are popular with the kids.
Child friendly too.
Comments: Breakfast for the well heeled.
Score: 14/20

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