Sunday, February 05, 2017

Caffe Storico (77th and Central Park West, Manhattan) 01/20172017

Caffe Storico makes a lot of sense as the name of a restaurant attached to a history museum, as this one is at the New York History Museum.
It occupies a gorgeous room, with a clean light appearance,

enhanced by lovely chandeliers. 
Tables are good size and pleasantly set.

Walls are lined with crockery, on loan, representing porcelain factories around the world.
Service was well informed and prompt.
The menu is basically Italian and they make their pasta in house. It is not part of NYC Food Week, which actually runs for 17 days and offers opportunities to enjoy many very fine restaurants at very reasonable prices - $29 for a three course lunch and $49 for a three course dinner with a wide range of choices. Special dishes like lobster might add a supplement of $15 and of course all beverages are extra plus tax plus gratuities. Prices here are a little above average without being excessive.
We tried a number of appetizers including muscles.
there’s that word again delicious, Scallops
perfectly prepared, sweet and tender. According to Sandra “the best I’ve ever eaten”.
Paparedelles, with a creamy sauce and duck ragu
was to die for and their pasta in a garlic cream sauce 
was even better the pasta being exceptionally fine.
My half a grilled rabbit was a dish big enough for two.
It was seasoned very much to my taste with a crisp thin covering that kept the rabbit tender and not too dry. Full marks again.
Sandra's sauteed bronzino again ticked all the boxes, nicely presented, cooked as requested, a delicate and pleasing meal.
As usual we could not decide on dessert and settled for a sorbet,
and a pear and almond crostata.

No complaints.
After some discussion about what we wanted in a wine, without mention of cost, our waiter made a very good and not very expensive choice ($72), which we enjoyed througout our meal
This "Caffe" is getting close to Michelin star rating for it's fabulous house made pasta. If history should repeat itself we would be very happy to visit here again.
Score 17/20

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