Saturday, February 18, 2017

Matsuzaka (Caulfield South - Melbourne) 02/2017

It is almost four years since we last ate here and in that time it has changed very little at all. The decor is unchanged.
 They've stuck their take away menu, updated 18 months ago, on the window.
 That's about all. the long narrow room 
  is graced with two Teppanyaki tables and the rest are economically and simply set.

 The Japanese waitresses seemed a little better informed and they have added some
new cocktails with Japanese plum wines or sake mixes with regular spirits and given them fancy names which are rather nice.

 We had different dishes this time starting with chefs special crab dumplings.

which were wrapped in noodles rather than pastry. They were delicate and excellent.
Tempura prawns had extremey good crisp batter and are an excellent appetizer for $7.
There was one more before I took the pic!
I'm not sure how this happened, nor quite what it is but the waitress brought this to the table in place of the poterhouse Sukiyake hot pot that we ordered. She was reluctant to take it back saying we would have to wait for the Sukiyaki which seemed strange as one has to cook it for oneself at the table. We certainly did have to wait, almost half an hour. Evidently this was because the porterhouse was frozen solid and could not be sliced immediately.

 Eventually, just as we were ready to walk out, it arrived. 

 It was worth waiting for. A substantial dish ($28) it came wth a raw egg and was filled with goodies. Glass noodles, fine tofu and plenty of vegetables in a pleasing, slightly sweet soup.
My choice of Ika, (Calamari), grilled and served with garlic butter with an accompanying sake and ponzi flavoured soya sauce,
was not so fortunate. The calamarie were bland, with no crispness, the sauce was dull and the salad on the plate a mismatch.
We enjoyed their plum wine cocktail ($12) and drank cold Bishonen Jumai sake.
The meal was a bit patchy but overall quite good. 
Score:13.75 /20

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