Friday, November 25, 2016

Stillwater (Launceston Tasmania) 07/2016

Chefs endeavouring to lift themselves above the ruck have a massive problem. It's the competition. There are so many really good chefs around today.You can't get fresher, better more outstanding ingredients. Everything is available to every body. Venues and ambiance can be as smart as you like there are many fine sites. Waiters can be impeccable and personable, sommeliers excellently informed and informative but in the end it comes down to how the menu is designed, how the food is prepared and how it is presented.
Stillwater does not seem to have changed much in the 20 years since I was here last. The room is the same, the view no different. There are some innovations. They offer a whisky flight and also a range of cognacs. Also their glassware is now really fine. A glass of wine  is a pleasure to drink from one of there Glazer glasses. I saw their old glasses for sale at the fancy Providor, upstairs - for my money they can keep them!
Their food was very good but 
i have no idea where the pic's are!

 Score: 15/20

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