Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hellyers Road Distillery (North WestTasmania) 11/2016

There are a lot of things to be really surprised about this place.
Firstly, in less than 10 years it has established an excellent reputation, around the world for it's whiskies.
It's owned by the milk company, Betta Milk, next door. This is handy because the cows can indulge themselves on the barley left after the distilling process.
Visitors can taste almost their full range for as little as $4 a nip or $2 a half nip. What's a nip?
30 ml.
Hellyer was a far sighted important figure in Tasmania in the late 1800's who, unfortunately, took his own life well below the age of 50. There are dozens of places around Tasmania that carry his name, indeed Burnie was once called Hellyer Bay.
The last odd thing I would mention is that they have a restaurant which is well attended by bus loads of tourists BUT hardly any of them drink the whisky!
I didn't come by bus, drank plenty of the whisky and also ate at the restaurant!
This is a large, airy, open area with walls of glass looking over rolling green hills. 

The settings are simple with bare wooden tables with a glass set on a corner of a serviette at each seat. 

The menu is quite extensive, (I've left a pic of most of the menu at the end of this review which you can enlarge by clicking on it if you wish.), with a good range of Tasmanian and other wines and beers. It is distinguished by to the offer of a variety of whisky flights. I had the Flight Deck which consisted of a half nip of their 10 year old Original, a Pinot Noir finished, a Peated and a nip of Original whisky cream. $11.90

If you want to know a lot more about these look them up on the I'net. 
I am not usually a whisky drinker but I must say each of these was distinctly different. Flavours of whiskies are created by leaving them, for some months, in casks formerly used for wine, sherry or port. I could not tell if the Pinot had the characteristics they detect, but be that as it may, they were all enjoyable, smooth and interesting. The Peated whisky had an unmistakable, powerful, smoky aroma and flavour.
i settled on the baked Rainbow trout with Tasmanian scallops on a bed of potato cake and finished with a creamy leek and bacon sauce and cherry tomatoes.

 They also provide an empty plate for the fish bones.

It was a particularly good dish. Every element was really excellent. I ate it with the greatest of pleasure.

As I had the Original whisky cream I decided to have a dessert. Called Hellyers Road Indulgence Tart it ia a takeoff of the Bannoffee pie. Layers of Salted caramel, banana panacotta, and Anvers chocolate in a crispy tart shell accompanied by a Hellyers Whisky ice cream.

This was a very rich dessert but what was most unfortunate was the panacotta was leathery hard and the tart shell too thick and hard.
Score 15/20 but I will go there again!
The menu, and a few extra pic's.

   One of the bond stores

 Barrel whisky, between 64% and 66.5% proof!

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