Saturday, April 02, 2016

Tommy Ruff (Elsternwick) 03/2016

After a less than exciting previous visit we thought we might try this suburban seafood restaurant once more.
Nothing, including the menu, had changed that I could see, since our last visit. Crowded and noisy

 We chose to sit outside, quite comfortably despite the wind and cool weather. 
This is a place without pretensions. Cutlery, menus and serviettes sit in boxes on the bare tables.

 The menu is largely fish. Tommy Ruff is a sort of cod fish. It can be battered or baked, you can have veggies or chips and a variety of sauces and they have some salads. They also offer platters, 

prawns, bugs,mussels and more. In the right hands this has the potential to be quite excellent. No where near  when we were there. 
Sandra chose a baked whole flounder
Seriously overcooked it was dry as a bone.
Salmon also failed to impress
 Fish and vegetables
was also just Okay 
What good here. Service is friendly and efficient, Serves are quite substantial and prices are very reasonable.
It is popular with locals who patronise the place regularly so it must have something but I don't know what.
Score: 12.5/20


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Elliot and Sandra said...

Thanks Jacktone,
I love a challenge but my computer would not let me enter your site!
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