Saturday, January 23, 2016

Teppanyaki (Wisma Food Hall Singapore) 01/2016

Around Orchard Rd/Patterson Rd/Scotts Rd there are huge department stores not only four or five floors above ground level but also a couple of levels below. They are connected by long broad passages lined with elegant shops of every type. Scattered among them are cake shops, bread shops and cafe/restaurants. The department stores have areas occupied by every fashion name you can think of and more. Singapore may be all about food and fashion but it is amazing that they survive. 
Food Republic is like a hawkers market with ethnic S/E Asian food of every kind. After a sophisticated Japanese meal at Gion we thought we'd try a Japanese meal here. Teppanyaki is adjacent to a famous dumpling restaurant (Din Tae Feng) and a sushi restaurant. 
It's fast turnover at very reasonable prices. We tried two set menus.

Within seconds a very peppery stir fry salad was served up followed moments later by a bowl of miso, a bowl of rice and a main course pork for one and beef 

for the other set menu. Both dishes were dominated by pepper and lacked any hint of delicacy.
A small John Dory fillet and a couple of prawns, shrimps really!, followed quickly. 

Prawns and fish cooking. Hard to stop things being over cooked.

The whole meal was over in about 10 minutes
Crockery ready for service.
 Comments: Sandra thought this was the worst meal she could ever remember. The best thing about it was an iced lemon tea!
The miso was just OK and the rest food of no quality. I did not feel quite so strongly but I would not recommend it. You can do a lot better for $17.
Score: 12.25/20

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