Sunday, January 03, 2016

Meshulash (Tel Aviv) 12/2016

This tiny cafe on Dizenoff St. is about 50 meter from the site of a street shooting the day after we stopped by for a coffee. It is about as simple a venue as you could ever get. We only wanted a coffee and cake so it hardly mattered. 
Tea was served in unusual pots
But more unusual was the thing they called a chocolate croissant, which the waitress went into contortions to try to describe with her limited English and my near non existent Hebrew
It was a sort of pretzel shaped cake with chocolate sprinkled over it. Quite tasty but certainly not a chocolate croissant.
Carrot cake was more traditional. Nice of them to give us four forks - we must have looked impoverished.
Comments Score:12.25/20

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