Friday, January 01, 2016

Kiki (Tel Aviv) 12/2015

We had been walking for a while and it was lunch time so we stopped at this little cafe/restaurant for a felafel, not expecting anything special. They had six big pots of soup 
and offered us a tiny tasting plate of them. I did not really want a soup but they were delicious and we happily shared a lentil soup.
A small dish of pickled cucumber and olives preceded the six felafal balls which were served  with the usual salad 
and the most excellent fine creamy humus and chickpea dip  
Comments Pic's don't convey just how good this place, not much more than a hole in the wall, really was. The gentle North African seasoning in the soup and the crisp on the outside moist on the inside felafal were both tops. Served in a more expensive environment with fancy decor patrons would truly relish the food.
Score: 14//20

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