Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Living Room (Malvern) 02/2012

This was a case where the Living Room is the dining room. It's a split level amalgamation of what was originally three shops. Furniture is an odd collection of lamps, chairs and tables of various sizes. There is also some footpath seating which is pleasant especially for a pre meal drink on a pleasant afternoon or evening. The place is decorated with a few bright sort of pastiche paintings of Melbourne scenes evoking a sense of belonging here. It's open, friendly and noisy. Of course we added our contribution. It has been open for about three years, owned by the proprietors of the Claremont Cafe, across the road. The food has left cafe style far behind and they advertise their status with one framed certificate, and why not. If you've got it flaunt it!This review is an amalgam of several meals. For starters, if your metabolism can take it, the chicken livers were excellent. There was no fibrous stuff left in them, they were cooked but not over cooked, gently seasoned, just the way they should be. A carpaccio of pork neck, I've forgotten the fancy name for it, served with goats cheese and figs was a gentle inoffensive entree with well defined flavours that were agreeable regardless of whether they were eaten separately or together. If scallops are on the menu I'd have them any time too.Croquettes were not on the menu today but we enjoyed them a few weeks ago here.There are a lot of small dishes which it is fun to share.Sirloin steak was served with a pile of crisp chips. Requested medium rare it was quite well done. The menu changes frequently but steaks are always there, although the presentation varies.
Salad was a simple affair.Fish, a crumbed fillet of barramundi, on a bed of spinach was excellent. A cheese plate was very minimal whether with a sliver of truffled bree or a blue goats cheese.On a previous occasion they were more generous.Desserts are pretty and pretty good.
If not for the wine it would have worked out at about $65/diner. We drank a Shelmerdene Heathcote shiraz and an 07 Merricks Thomson Lane shiraz as well as a sauvignon blanc the name of which escapes me just now.
Everything was good but
not yet in the one hat class for me.


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Johanna said...

The crumbed fish on a bed of spinach looks great!