Monday, February 27, 2012

Embrasse (Carlton) 02/2012

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Nic Poelaert
did lunch at Embrasse on Sunday. He insists it's not fine dining but typical French peasant farmers food. Maybe, but for me it's still fine dining We sat down with 27 diners whose interests were either good dining, or food ranging from butter to beef, or just to satisfy various levels of Frankophilia. Regardless it was French from the introductory bubbly to the L'Imposter a granache made in France by Aussie Adam Foster from the vegetable salad to the frangipanni tart. First course was an egg salad, cooked for 12 hours at 61 degrees the egg white was just just cooked while the yolk had become a little firm. This lay on a bed of buck wheat, cauliflower and other stuff, we can't give away all the secrets!This was followed by a smoked salmon saladwith some truly 'signature' bread rolls.Main course was steak with a selection of young beans and root vegetables,with a pea salad.Highlight of the meal was the frangipanni tart, made using his mothers recipe. The pastry was unbelievably good.We each got a huge slice too!A great way to spend Sunday afternoon. Amazing what a few glasses of wine can do to improve your photography.

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