Thursday, November 24, 2011

Goocha (Tel Aviv) 11/2011

Goocha occupies a busy corner on Dizengoff St in the heart of Tel Aviv. It is guarded by a chunky fellow who only allows patrons to to enter with the permission of a hostess. After waiting a few minutes I found myself barred from entry by this fellow as the rest of our group were shown to a table, evidently he thought I didn't belong there! It was close to full with patrons seated at crowded bare tables both inside and in an enclosed area on the footpath. Menus are available in both Hebrew and English and waiters were also quite fluent in English.
They offer a lunch time deal, even at 3.00 in the afternoon, consisting of a main course of your choice, at the listed price, and an entree, for an extra New Israeli Shekel (NIS) 12 which is about A$3.. They also have a small wine list with a 25% reduction during the day.
Service was prompt, ice water came immediately, and orders were filled promptly. We started with roasted eggplant, crispy calamari and a green salad which was a large plate filled with lettuce leaves, and a plate of thick sliced bread. Every thing was well prepared. The calamari were lightly crumbed, crisp and tender
and the eggplant pleasingly spiced, accompanied by fetta cheese and some greens. Mains were substantial. A huge fillet of cod on a mashed potato base was perfectly prepared, A pasta with seafood was offered with a lobster pick and very effective cracker for the claws. There was half a crab buried under the substantial pile of pasta which also had baby octopus, small but exceptionally good muscles, calamari and clams in it. Another pasta dish of seafood and goose breast was equally substantial and satisfying. We enjoyed an Israeli wine reduced to about A$40.It was an extremely good lunch. Inexpensive at A$100 for four entrees and four mains, substantial and satisfying for quality as well as quantity. Still on guard.Score: 14/20

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