Friday, November 18, 2011

Cina (Malvern) 11/2011

This is a very quiet spot at lunch time.On High St there is free roof top parking, something of a necessity around here. It has a quiet air about it. Gentle 60's music, calm decor, white table cloths and napkins, not paper covered, nothing jarring although there are a few pieces of colourful modern Chinese art work towards the back of this long narrow restaurant. Impressed with their take away food we stopped by for a meal. It was a pleasure. Tea was served in a small attractive pot in little round glasses Very crisp pastry covered prawn spring rolls were nicely cooked though I found the artificial flower on the plate jarring. Mongolian tenderloin was delicious, slightly sweet and remarkably tasty and tender. The accompanying lightly cooked broccoli was very coarsely presented.Sweet sour sauce accompanying prawns in batter was an excellent slightly acidic, slightly sweet and light, an achievement rarely matched except in the very best restaurants. Roast duck was also a very fine dish. With little fat and a crisp skin the duck itself was very tender with good flavour. Once again that dreadful flower appeared.
Score: 14.75/20
Service was very friendly and the bill quite reasonable.

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