Tuesday, November 29, 2011

C2 Bar Restaurant (Tel Aviv) 11/2011

Perhaps the finest venue for a restaurant in Tel Aviv C2 occupies the 49th floor of one of TA's tallest buildings. One half is kept for receptions, the rest has a bar and restaurant with 360 degree views over the city. Here is a small section.The light was misty when we were there but with the naked eye the views were fabulous and would be even better art night. They have a common arrangement for lunch here. In one corner there is a basin for the orthodox to wash their hands and pray before eating.Choose a main course which determines the price of your meal and add an entree of your choice. Desserts are NIS20.We tried three entrees. Bruscetta with carpaccio of beef, a bean soup and a salad. They were simple dishes nicely presented. Three different breads were also offered with olive paste, tahina and another mayonnaise like spread. For mains I had goose which is quite popular here but rarely seen in Australia. It was a large piece of leg and thigh. A much firmer meat than chicken or turkey, it had been well prepared. It was brought to the table before we finished entrees so, without hesitation, the waitress removed it and instead of reheating it later brought a new serve! A fillet of fish, which I have been especially enjoying here was presented without frills. Very good too. When the chef, Artur Builder, learnt that we run this blog, one can hardly take all these pic's without being noticed, he insisted on sending out a selection of desserts. A large bowl of fruit and ice cream, a chocolate cake an with an Italian meringue, a banana custard in layers of pastry with a toffee cap.This is a great place for a business lunch and would be a most romantic setting in the evening.
Score: 13.75/20


Anonymous said...

Caterpillar Turbo
I enjoyed your post. It’s a lot like college – we should absorb everything we can but ultimately you need to take what you’ve learned and apply it.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Sheena
We are so busy in Israel that we are a mile behind with restaurants. Four or five from Jerusalem are coming up very soon.