Friday, May 15, 2009

Kimberley Gardens (St.Kilda East) 09

One of a few kosher restaurants in Melbourne, attached to the Quest Motel of the same name,at 441 Inkerman St. The restaurant is in a large irregular room with curved bay windows looking over the garden. Clothed well spaced tables make this a pleasant setting.
The menu has little to distinguish it from any other eatery.
Serves are large, the cooking 'domestic'. They open only for dinner Monday to Thursday and have a smorgasbord on Sunday
We tried a range of dishes starting with a selection of dips
with peta bread and some spring rolls. Neither were particularly good or bad. The pastry on the spring rolls was rather thick and heavy. A whole flounder
was on the small side but very tasty and cooked well to retain its moistness. A veal schnitzel was very large served
with a mass of chips and a salad. Steaks come in a variet of sizes, and prices, starting at and going to 750 gm for $64. We skipped them. Lamb chops were another handsome serve. As was the chicken schnitzel. Onion rings were specially tasty with a light batter, again a huge serve.

Desserts are not for the calorie consciousService is amiable and responsive but a little slow initially.
They have a limited wine list with Australian, New Zealand and Israeli representation at very reasonable prices. Despite the mass of food we couldn't get Ruby to eat anything!Prices are about average for this sort of meal. This is a good place if you don't feel like doing the dishes. Cuisine bourgoise - a good feed. Score:13.25/20


neil said...

Is that little flag in the lamb chop saying it's medium cooked? Never seen that before!

kitchensink said...

I'm thinking you didn't offer Ruby any of the chocolate ice cream...

Elliot & Sandra said...

Hi Neil
Promises promises. You can't believe the signs!
Hi Kevi
Strangely Ruby happily sucked on a pickled cucumber - is this an omen!!