Friday, May 15, 2009

Arkybar (South Melbourne) 09

This is a destination restaurant at 27 Coventry St. there is not another restaurant or shop in sight. Small tables in a long narrow room seat about 40 and they seem to have plenty of customers so it is advisable to reserve a table. The husband and wife team keep things moving at a good pace. Apart from the printed menu there are a large number of very varied special dishes, indeed there are more specials than set courses! We tried quite a few starting with entrees. My veal involtini rolled, braised and lightly spiced

was a nice start. For polenta lovers a mound of polenta with mushrooms and cheese

was a good but unexciting first course. An antipasti selection featuring prosciutto and cold cuts with lightly pickled plump green olives

was particularly appealing. Another special for that night the rack of veal cutlets served as three pairs on creamy mashed potato

was a very good meal. The lasagna had an undistinguished meat ragout with little taste

was bland and disappointing. It needed a better photographer to make it look good too. A chilli pasta dish was much better. A bread and butter style pudding with chocolate and apple and a creme anglaise sauce was another 'nice' but ordinary dessert. In all a pleasant place unpretentious and generally satisfying

Score: 13.75/20


stickyfingers said...

I consult to a number of businesses in the area so frequent ArchiBar regularly. It was purpose built as a place where Synman Justin Bialek Architects (in the same building)could gather, but has developed a hardcore following in the area and is busy from early in the morning through to the evening servicing the local workers and military.

It's also one of the few decent coffee venues in the area, so they do a roaring trade in takeaway coffee and bomboloni. I've found the food to be consistent over the many years that I have been frequenting the venue and enjoy the service & banter amid the hustle bustle of their daily grind.

Elliot & Sandra said...

Hi Stickyfingers
We enjoyed the style of ArchiBar (Architect no doubt, the dynamic feel of the place, the congenial service and lively ambiance. The food was variable from good to ordinary but better than average. I can't speak for the coffee but I would be happy to go there again.

Elliot & Sandra said...

Don't know where my closing bracket disappeared to!