Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Food Science Dinner with Dr Peter Barham

Introduction: A repeat of last years 'Science Dinner' at Fenix. After a drink in the foyer the night began with a lengthy introduction by Raymond Capaldi during which he demonstrated some of his tricks. These included the use of 2 meters of plastic tubing from Bunnings to make extra long coconut noodles and other gimmicks more entertaining than useful. He created some nice looking dishes but they were all for show and somewhat inedible
The dinner began with a superb Veloute of Butternut Pumpkin with a dribble of Pine Tree Oil. The rich butternut flavour and perfect consistancy made this fabulous.
The main course of 36 hour braised Spring Lamb was very tender but undistinguished, the flavour not being enhanced by the braising. It was on a bed of absolutely lovely Parsnip Mousseline and accompanied by three tiny cubes of roasted Spring vegetables and a salad for the table.
The flourless chocolate souffle was very overcooked , hard on top and with no soft chocolate centre. The accompanying Gorgonzola Icecream was pleasantly modified by the chocolate topping which, in this case, was under it! The meal finished with tea/coffee and petit fours.
Between courses Dr Peter Barham talked about the origin of the Molecular Food movement and of some of the work he did with Heston Blumenthal illustrated with a series of short videos.
There were a scattering of celebrity chefs in the room including Gabriel Gate and Eric Mohr but far fewer than last year and I suspect they wil not do this dinner again
All in all I found it rather disappointing
Price: $100/ person and buy your wine which was reasonable

Score: 13.25/20

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