Saturday, September 22, 2007

(A)LURE - Perth

Introduction: One of a bunch of restaurants at the Burswood complex
Ambience: Comfortable feeling of a good quality eatery without being exceptional

Service: Pleasant and efficient

Food: Beginning with an Amuse, a small pot of soup, which did nothing for me I was surprised at the very excellent Beef carpaccio, piquant sauce aged sherry truffle vinaigrette and herb salad that followed. The finely sliced raw beef ($20) was so tender it could have been tuna and the taste combination outstanding. I made a mistake having the sirloin Wagyu beef, supposedly grade 9, as main course. The accompanying half a small cray was delicious but the wagyu tough, overcooked and lacked taste. A poor choice for $115. The spiced Amelia Park lamb, tamarind jus, sweet potato fondant and marinated olives ($38) was excellent and the barrumundi, saffron potato, chorizo and garlic rouille peperade reasonably good. The desserts were disapointing. The coconut creme brulee, coconut sorbet and coconut shot ($20) looked good but had a displeasing grainy texture and the peanut butter parfait with cherry ice cream and soft caramel looked good but was nothing special.

Wine: The wine list is extensive and fairly reasonably priced with a good choice from about $8 by the glass or $40 upwards by the bottle. I enjoyed two of the least expensive! Both Feet First I preferred the clean finish of the semmillion sauvignon blanc to the cabernet merlot but both were really undistinguished BBQ wines

Price: At the upper end for a fairly good meal about $75/person for three courses
Comments: Patchy. close to very good

Score: 14/20

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