Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shelly's Restaurant - Manhattan

Introduction A fairly recent addition to the restaurant scene at 104 W 57th Street.
Ambience The oyster, crab and lobster filled front window sets the scene Not too noisy despite the stone floor. Small tables hardly hold the required accoutrements plus the food

Service E
xtremely attent.ive without being excessively obtrusive
Food An appetizer of tasty Mulligatawny soup followd by a magnificent dish of huge crabs legs in a light garlic sauce, shells split and very easy to eat was good value for us at US$45/pound The 3lb Maine lobster was not as sweet or tender as I expected.

I did see other diners eating handsome steaks and was sorry not to try some of the 8 varieties of oysters on the menu (only 3 were actually available)
A Bomb Alaska flamed with rum at the table was about average tho it looked good
Wine A 1/4 litre of Pinot Grigio and another of Sauvingon Blanc at US$11 and $12 were just OK

Price The bill was US$182 and they expect a 20% gratuity

Comments Unpretentious. They were extremely nice to me after I spilled a full glass of water over the table, and my wife's lap and then managed to break a wine glass

Score: 14.75/20


Cora Bullock said...

That's a real biggie! But I suppose you have to be ready with the price if you expect that good service, good wine, and that whopper of a lobster! That would be amazing for a dinner for two.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Cora
We usually get to NYC in Jan and enjoy a meal at Shelleys but I do think it is not quite as it was a few years ago. Both their lobster and their
arctic crab claws are among my very favourite dishes.