Sunday, January 14, 2007

Misto Caff'e and Bakery

Introduction Busy open Bistro style eatery at 24558 Hawthorn Blvd, Torrance, California
Ambience Friendly, unpretentious

Service As for the ambience

Food Except for the Angel hair pasta with shrimps (prawns in Australia) which was excellent, everything was good. The mixed appetizer a good size meal with 2 chicken shashliks, 2 large cheese filled potato skins, 3 pot stickers, 2 egg rolls and a large lettuce leaf filled with diced turkey breast in a light BBQ sauce all on a bed of crisp rice noodles. Equally large omelletes and salads were very satisfying

Price Very reasonable - US$15 to $30 + gratuities, depending on how much you wanted to eat

Comments Good value

Score: 13/20

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