Friday, June 02, 2006

Urban Bistro - Adelaide

Introduction: Set on the ground floor of a former Maternity hospital now converted to upmarket apartments on Fullarton Rd Rose Park
Ambience: No frills cafe style

Service: No frills but helpful.

Food: After a very tasty plate of crisp bintji potato with rosemary salt ($6.5) I had the roast pheasant with endive and pheasant meat salad. Taste was good but this would not fill a hungry client. The toasted cocunut rice with candlenut prawn ($16.9) was also tasty but rather small. The five spice duck pie with chilli, onion jam and chard ($24.9) was probably the pick of the menu. The Side dishes - truffle mash ($6.9) grilled asparagus with soft egg and truffle parmesan were interesting unlike the dull rocket salad

The praline souffle with toffee almond gelati ($13.5) was very good which I would not say for the Passionfruit curd tart with Italian meringue which was fairly ordinary 'tho prettily presented
Wine: BYO corkage $15/ bottle is pretty hot for a fancy cafe
Price: $55/head gets you quite a tasty meal but will probably leave you hungry
Comment: Needs a much nicer venue, better appointments and more comfort and better size serves but the food was very good.
Score 14/20

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