Friday, June 02, 2006

Belgian Beer Cafe - Adelaide

Introduction: Set in a large, drafty, dark wood panelled room at 27 Ebenezer Place in the heart of Adelaide
Ambience: Plain, old style with lot's of atmosphere
Service: Pleasant
Food: They specialise in mussels prepared with a variety of 'soups' or sauces that they are cooked in. Served in the traditional Belgain pots a kilogram of mussels and a large serve of Belgian style potato chips make a substantial and tasty meal. Generally cream sauce, red sauces, curry and chilli styles are available. They also had a very good fish stew. For the non shellfish eaters Ordinary fish and chips, steak or poultry are also available. They also served an excellent chocolate mousse ($10)
Wine: Well of course they specialise in beer, particularly Belgian, of which Stella Artois is the most popular but there is a good variety for the more adventurous. Wine is also available at very reasonable prices (=$6.5) by the glass or bottle
Price: Mains about $21.5
Comment: an excellent place for a Bistro meal specially for lovers of mussels
Score: As a Bistro 15/20

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