Monday, April 25, 2005

Tides Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar

Address: Pier 35 Marina, 325 Lorimer St, Port Melbourne
This fine dining seafood restaurant is located on a pier - which is accessable by helicopter and boat, as well as by road, although it can be difficult to find especially at night. There is an outdoor section which would be great for those long balmy summer nights. The decor was quite acceptable. Service on the night was very good as well.
Menu include various oysters, entrees $16, mains $28, sides $6, desserts $15. Surcharge on the weekends apply. We found the menu to be a hit and miss affair. For example, the entree signature spaghettini was wonderful - rich tomato and capsicum pesto - generous serving, but the entree salad of grilled prawns, chicken and bacon was disappointing - limpy flat prawns, the whole salad felt like was made yesterday.
Mains were once again mixed - the seafood assiette - $39 - was well presented, with a selection of oysters, grilled extra large king prawns, spicy calamari, grilled garfish, octopus paella, and pan roasted scallops on black pudding. Whilst the overall taste was acceptable, some ingredients were certainly fresher than others. The pan fried barramundi with spiced eggplant $28 was quite good - a generous serving.
Wine list was comprehensive.
Overall, an innovative seafood restaurant. Reasonably priced, but food quality a little erratic.
Score: 14 - Worth a Visit.
David Lam

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