Friday, April 01, 2005

Barbarino and Wong

Introduction: On St.Kilda Road, originally an American style rib restaurant took on an Asian element and added Wong to its name many years ago

Ambience: Amiable comfortable and no strain to have a conversation.

Service: Attentive and prompt.

Food: "Middle of the road" Substantial size meals. Oysters Mornay had more butter than cheese but tasted delicious. Ribs are excellent. Baked whole baby Snapper eqally so. No frills and plenty of seafood in the seafood noodle dish. Caesar salad is huge. Mudcake was exceptionally light and the Mango dessert scrumptious!

Wine: Modest but adequate range and price

Price: Two courses for two about $70

Comments: This is one of those places where perhaps you get more than you pay for. Good value
Score: 15/20


Anonymous said...

Has the most arrogant and bitchy lady boss in the restaurant trade. A never to return restaurant.

Elliot and Sandra said...

I find that really surprising. Not only do I find the 'Lady boss' unfailingly courteous both she and all her staff go out of their way to be helpful. Having been there for a third time recently I was going to say that the only thing middle of the road is the prices. Their ribs are to die for and I have not had any dish that was not much better than average for a suburban restaurant

Anonymous said...

I agree... absolute bitch of the high order... If you are jewish she is nice to you, otherwise... forget about it