Saturday, April 02, 2005

AWASH African Restaurant

Introduction: A Footscray shopfront with no pretentions They have tables and they have chairs. A very different eating experience - best suited to the adventurous

Ambience: Feels like you have walked into someones old house

Service: Our African waiter was more like a host at a family gathering. Happy to explain the meaning of the items on the menu
Food: Served on Injera, a large flat but spongy pancake like sourdough bread, on a very large plate. Each course is dropped on this bread. The bread is torn off and used to pick up the food - no cutlery. We tried the Awash Special Tibs This is lamb or beef marinated in spices herbs and rosemary, Derek Tibs which is pan fried lamb or beef with onion, green pepper and rosemary, Doro Wat chicken marinated with spices herbs and Ethiopian berbere hot pepper sauce served with a hard boiled egg and Yetsom Beyaynetu a vegetarian meal served as a small dish of Lentils, another of dahl and a third which contained boiled cabbage, potato and carrot in a little thick soupy sauce.

There were no desserts but tea and coffee or soft drinks available.
Wine: BYO but there is a selection of spirits available.

Price: All the main courses were $10 Cash only.

Comments: Even though the Ethiopian Royal Family probably frequently eat these dishes they are quite unsophisticated. A fascinating experience well worth a visit for the adventurous.

Score: 13.5/20

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