Sunday, March 13, 2005


Water Grill restaurant looks French. When one walks into it, one can sense an almost bistro ambience, with a wooded counter and mirrors behind the bar. It looks meticulous and spacious, and has a Continental air about it.
The waiters look formal in their starched white servers' uniform, and they carry themselves with an air of formality as well. It seems that they want their patrons to feel they are dining in a fine restaurant. Accommodating yet not too friendly with the customers, their proper restraint looks like it was part of their training.
Much of the food is excellent. The bread they serve is very good white flour classic French bread, which makes everything taste better. The salad nicoise is one of the best I've ever had, with a lovely salad of mixed greens, some hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, purple onions, olives, and superb tuna carpaccio in slices on the side of the plate. The tuna carpaccio had a peppercorn coating, (only on the rim of the slice) which lent a crunchy and pleasantly sharp flavor to each raw tuna slice. Superb.
The main that I chose was a penne with chunks of yellowfin tuna. It was coated in a nice pesto. It was ok, nice, average and flavorful. I tasted my friends' dishes, and they were superb. The whole fish steamed snapper was very nicely prepared and served. And, the fish and chips were extremely well done. The fried and coated fish really melted in your mouth.
Dessert was not remarkable. The ice cream was ok, and the middle eastern wrapped pastry accompanying the ice cream had too much cinnamon and not enough of other flavors to suit my taste. The pot of tea at the end was weak and not hot enough.
All in all, though, it is an excellent place. It is very comfortable. The restaurant itself is very large, and the table and booths are spacious and comfortable. The service is polite and good, and one could have a long meal there with friends and linger over good food and good ambience.
Wine: Amodest slightly expensive list $8.50 -$11 by the glass
Price: A very good value Special ? may not be available at night included a glass of wine and two courses for $25 Generally about $90 for 2 courses for two not including drinks
Score: 16/20

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