Sunday, March 13, 2005


Babka Cafe is a light fare restaurant in Brunswick St.that specializes in wonderful bread and in Russian cuisine. A perfect place for lunch or light dinner, the ambience is friendly. You can order an entree or main or dessert, or all three, and be served with politeness, and with a pleasant attention to needs. They seem to want you to come and enjoy your indulgence, either your light lunch, or dessert, or a regular meal.
They pride themselves on unusual breads, both dark and light. As you eat your meal you will see many people come into the shop to pick up breads to take home. They have breads with olive slices, with sunflower seeds, with sourdough, rye and with plain white flour. People can enjoy bread with one of their specialties - homemade borscht. The borscht, very light and made purely vegetarian, was so easy on the palate and on the calorie guilt that you were encouraged to try one of their lovely desserts. At our table we all had the lemon tart, and it was delicious. Everyone loved it. They served a nice pot of tea at the end of the meal.
You can also find large salads, meat sandwiches, and hot full main dishes to choose from. One could certainly have a satisfying three course meal there as well.
The place is small, with tables close to one another, so this is for causal dining, not for quiet intimate tete-a-tete types of evenings. It is more like an expanded bakery that realized it offered very good food, than a regular restaurant. Still, for a lovely piece of pie and tea, or for a light soup and exotic bread, Babka Cafe is a nice choice.
Price: Ladies don't always know these things!
Score: 16/20
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