Friday, March 11, 2005


Introduction: Definitely fine Japanese dining

Ambience: Sedate refined atmosphere created in part by the large central water garden.

Service: Unhurried, provided by a helpful team (mostly of slender attractive Japanese waitresses)

Food: Beautifully presented without excessive fussyness. A selection of Sushi and Sushimi could not be faulted. The fish and vegetable Tempura was also excellent. Patagonian toothfish with a special dipping sauce was extremely delicate - a new taste experience for me. The one dessert we tried a pancake and green tea icecream was a delight to the eye and the taste buds! Teppanyaki is also available.

Wine: Good list but expensive Best value the Saki

Price: Entrees $18 -25 Mains $22 - 40+ Desserts around $15 About $110 for 2 courses plus drinks

Comments: The elegance is fading but this remains a classy venue serving fine food.

Score: 17/20

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