Monday, December 27, 2004

Supper Inn

Another day another dinner
Congee is a specialty at SI with Duck, meat balls, pork giblets, abalone if you like. Served with a Chinese donut, a very light pastry, we had the pork giblets and the meat balls. Surprising delicate flavour a good start to the meal.
We then shared a roast suckling pig which simply could not be bettered, prawn stuffed eggplant, and a coral trout and bean curd hot pot with cousins Chaim and Sue. The delicacy of the fish was lost in the hot pot but the taste of the whole dish was an indescribable pleasure. The Eggplant was more a textural than a taste experience and even for one not particularly fond of eggplant I confess I was not sorry to have it
Deep fried icecream in a super sweet caramel sauce hit me over the head after the balanced tastes of the main courses
The usual bottle of bubbly and a Penfolds Koonunga Hill red helped smooth the evening.
For the first time I can remember the place was not filled to bursting
Excellent value at $25 per head 15/20
Tomorrow we eat with mum in law. The table will be groaning!

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