Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Mum-in Law's

Three 17/20
No I'm not sucking up to anyone - no one probably reads this stuff anyway. Furthermore tasteless photo's (Joke) won't relly help but I'll just run thru the meal.
A glass of 1997 M.Chapoutiere Syrah before dinner set a pleasant tone.
First course the tradititional chicken soup with egg noodles and the finest knodel imaginable. I'll get the recipe next week.
Mains a veal stroganof accompanied by young peas asparagus and red caggage. What can I say - to die for.
Dessert a slightly over sweet commercial apple crumble with strawberry, vanilla or chocolate Conniseur ice cream with top quality fresh cherries strawberries and watermelon was a bit ordinary.
If this was a restaurant I would say the menu was restricted the table attractive, good quality crockery and cutlery and friendly and efficient service 3 stars for the chef- good on yer mum.
Tomorrow, unfortunately, I'll be eating at work but I'll write it up anyway!!

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