Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Kakizeki Sushi Bar (South Yarra) 12/2018

This quite simple Japanese sushi bar, formerly the home of Hibari, a similar establishment without the finesse, is marked by delicacy, with a Japanese emphasis in every aspect.  
Even the draped front door. The restaurant is very plain and functional. Setting are simple 

and minimal. 

There are about 12 seats around the preparation area 
and a couple of tables. 
There is the days menu,, this is a sample, which varies a little according to what was available that day. It's largely sushi, sushi and sushi. The choice is take it or leave it, the chef organises what he will serve and in what order. That's really the definition of an omikase Japanese meal.
There were a couple of small dishes before the sushi

Chef Yuji Matsuzaki came out 

and immediately started slicing fish, 
and butterflying prawns

laying it out on his work table 

and rolling balls of rice 

to construct the sushi. 
King Prawns, 

Ocean Trout


delicately decorated
followed by soup with silken tofu. 
Calamari were scored 

and seared, 
as were several other sushi to bring out their flavour. Some are wrapped in nori. 

The last piece was O-Toro. 
this is the fattest part of the tuna belly, the most delicate part it almost melts in the mouth and also, of course, is the most expensive pat of the fish. It was a beaut end to 12 very different sushi's. There was a green tea ice cream dessert 
to end the meal. An extremely fine dinner for which booking is essential. Best by far is to sit at the chef's table on bar stools. If you like sushi Kakizaki compares well with the best you can get. 
Score: 17/20

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