Monday, November 05, 2018

Azull (Mimdara Beach Hotel Legian Ba;li) 11/2018

Azul is the main restaurant at this beach resort hotel. It's the breakfast area and remains open all day for lunch and dinner. It's set up in a cavernous building, 

open on two sides, with seating for about 100 in the building and the surrounding balcony..  

 In daylight the plainess of the room stands out.

although it has a few sculptured figures along one inner wall.

We have had a few meals there now starting with lunch on the day we arrived. I thoroughly enjoyed a whole baked reef fish. This came covered in miniature root vegetables - baby carrots, diacon, a stem of celariac and something unidentifiable they called onion though it was not that.

 Sandra was not quite so enthusiastic about her sweet sour ///??
There is a small wine list, mostly Australian, and a good variety of mocktails, juices and soft drinks.
 We next tried some pasta dishes
 Spaghetti Carbonara, which was meant to be linguini, 

was a good choice, but I preferred the seafood pasta,which didn't quite fit into the linguini flat shape. The dish was a little small with a decent amount of seafood although I would have liked more.

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