Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Peck (Milan) 08/2018

Peck is the most impressive delicatessen we have ever seen. It has the most extensive range of ready to eat food including patés, quiches,
cheeses, fresh meats 
fruit and vegetables
as well as fresh and dry pasta's, bottled jams and much much more.
Not only that they have a wine cellar down stairs but also a restaurant upstairs, which closes at 3.00 pm. We dropped in for a quick lunch. Although not a very formal restaurant 
before the meal we were presented with a small appetiser from the chef.
Something we had been looking forward to in Italy was on the menu so vitello tornata was our first choice.
We had not expected a cold dish but it was excellent as a starter.
This was followed by a saffron risotto 
The most al dente risotto I have ever eaten.
The meal came with a nice variety of breads.
For our last course we chose a pasta
to which our waitress grated Parmesan at the table with a cylindrical grater.
Comments:An extremely pleasant place for a quiet lunch.
Score:14 /20

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