Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Casa Copella (Rome) 08/2018

 This restaurant occupies a very long narrow area divided by arches with a sort of T junction at one point. 
Our waiter had no idea about the history of the building which we were told, was once occupied by a wealthy French family.
The decor is modern 

with small tables 
which and good quality cutlery, crockery and glassware, became very over crowded when the food was served on very large plates.

My meal started with onion soup. 

It was quite pale, sweet, thick and filled onion, covered with a little melted cheese
Sandra chose a seafood risotto.
This was very cool to which the waiter responded that it was so it could be eaten immediately it was served. In contrast the soup was piping hot, and could not be eaten immediately. 
I had a slow cooked herb crusted pork dish served with a sweet potato purée

The waiter did not know how long the pork was cooked (it was well cooked through), nor the temperature. It was 90 minutes at 62 degrees. It's a risk have herb crusted food. This was not offensive.
Sandra's smallish black cod fillet
sat on a bed of creamed sweet corn. The cod was perfectly prepared though the skin could have been crisper.
we shared a deconstructed St.Honoré dessert

which was just OK. the Chantilly cream was very heavy, getting close to butter.
Score: 15/20

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