Sunday, September 04, 2016

Canton Palace (Portland Victoria) 09/2016

It has become something of a habit to try the local Chinese cuisine when I visit country towns. There are two to choose from here. Because they offer a Smorgasbord on Saturday and Wednesday I went to the Canton Palace. 

This looks like a typical Chinese restaurant. 

At 7.30 there was a row of three quarter empty Bain Matries with trays of wilting chicken and beef dishes, battered chicken, spring rolls, fried one one tons, chips and a bowl of gluggy chicken and corn soup.

The food was certainly Cantonese style but exceptionally bland and dull looking.
On the positive side the place looked clean, there were paper covered white cloths on the tables, it's also family friendly and it was full.
They do also offer a regular menu and it was foolish of me not to pick something from that, or, seeing the smorgasbord, just leave.
Score 12/20

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