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Saigon Street Eats (St.Kilda East) 12/2014

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After only four months this small Vietnamese hawker style eat in or take away restaurant has found a niche in Carlisle Street. Cash only, completely unpretentious, with the simplest table setting

and decor.

It has a one page menu which is also on the wall. 

There is a small screed On one side of the menu which informs us that they are al about authentic, healthier and true Vietnamese food. No frills, just simple delicious cheap eats. They are a little family business serving food made with love and care. How Mum makes it at home. Viet Nam's rich and vibrant food culture has made its home on Carlisle St! Saigon is the home to the world's best street food and Saigon Street Eats (they say) brings the very best of it here. Furthermore gluten free, vegetarian or vegan they've got you covered.

Service is efficiently provided by young Vietnamese girls.

 Food is typical and flavours are excellent. We started with five tasty prawn dumplings ($6.90) which were covered in a very good pastry.

Spring rolls were crisp and tasty

and rice paper rolls ($2.50) also very good.

After this we indulged in a large Pho. They have a small variety. The bullion was very tasty. We had both the beef and beef meatballs,

and the beef and poached chicken.

Both excellent king size serves ($12) A medium would have been enough ($10) or perhaps even a small one ($8) They also have pho with chicken with quail eggs.

These are served with the usual bamboo shoots and mint. 

They also have some very satisfying, quite plain, salads

No need to go to Springvale or Victoria St, they're no better and often worse. 
The main difference we noticed was that there was no thermos of tea and sprig of mint on the table.
Score: 13.25/20

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