Thursday, December 18, 2014

Richmond Oyster Bar

It is almost seven years since we reviewed this restaurant and it has changed very little in that time. It still has a sterile bare appearance with paper covered linen clothed tables.

We have been back there perhaps a dozen times which is surprising because the only improvement is the liquor licence! They have two things that are very good. Fish and chips and oysters. As they have a retail business fish can be selected from a wide range on display. They range from sustainably farmed Patagonian tooth fish, (69/Kg) to the humble shark, at about $14/kg. Choose your fish and have it crumbed, battered or grilled. It's excellent. 

Oysters are cheap but usually only Sydney rock  or Pacific oysters are available.
We ate through quite a lot of the menu none of which either of us would care to have again. A prawn cocktail is a filling entree, a throw back to the sixties, totally lacking in distinction.

Linguini marinara is packed with seafood, filling but lacking good seasoning 

as was their risotto. Paella somehow did not taste much different either. If you really want to splash out they have a massive sea food platter, with a price to match.

We tried a couple of desserts which looked nice but were far from special.

Score: 13/20 in 2008 and still the same.

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