Monday, September 01, 2014

Jatt Flava (Brisbane) 09/2014

To open a restaurant in an area packed with restaurants may help attract customers or it may provide so many alternatives that it might just lead to a paucity of diners. Jatt Flava, which apparently means farmers tastes, or perhaps peasant flavours, is surrounded by various ethnic competitors and seems to be doing very well. Thai, 





it's all within a stones throw in this little mall called Brunswick Central at 421 Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley. 

 Jatt is a very simplly furnished place with a distinctly  Indian cafe flavour. The plasticized table cloths, 

the shape of the chairs and the wall decor 

 all say this is a suburban Indian restaurant. 
Fully licenced it has a small wine list.

The food menu however is extensive with very good variety of mild to very spicy dishes. Serves are good size and inexpensive.
Butter chicken was a nice example $16.5 or $14.5 take away it had an excellent slightly sweet flavour.  

It came with a lovely crisp chaupati.

$3 more bought a slightly under cooked naan. 

They also offer extremely cheap take away specials and eat in banque

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John Salisbury said...

Welcome back Elliot and Sandra.
Hope the renovations went smoothly.

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