Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pour (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) 01/2014

Lancaster is a town of about 50,000 people. It has a charming old city with a beautiful old opera house, a fine orchestra and several well regarded restaurants. Only a few years old Pour is one of them. It's a small fairly dark crowded venue with minimum decor with no particular theme.

Staff are helpful and keen for feedback.
Their menu is divided into 'Social Plates' 'Charcuterie' and first, second and third or dessert courses.
Wine selection was limited. We drank an overpriced quaffable Cote du Rhone

We had a fair selection of them all. Duck fat chips were quite tasty but not crisp perhaps because of the potatoes they used. Regardless I did not care for them.

Ox tail was a small piece of dry overcooked meat on a soft polenta covered with fried onions under, hardly a sharing dish.

Charcuterie is interesting in that you create your own from a selection of about ten different items ($4ea) We selected a proscutto, another very tough meat and a couple of cheeses. The serve was tiny with two almost transparently thin slices of tasty cheese.

Ravioli stuffed with goat cheese were very firm. With two or four at the table i think two or four ravioli would have been much more appropriate than three which then need to be divided.

Thankfully the main courses were much better.
 A creation of carrots was an attractive presentation of a variety of carrots, cooked and raw.
Seared white tuna was a little too spicy for a delicate fish.
Beef rib was tender and good tast but the 'Roubillard style' mashed potato were nothing like the original recipe.
Talopea was another good choice.
We tried three desserts. Most outstanding was the chili chocolate ice cream. Too hot and spicyfor me but others loved it. It's the one on the right. It looks benign!

 We are finding that the middle range American restaurants are disappointing. They are inconsistent, and lack that professional touch that distinguishes the better restaurants. They don't quite make it in presentation, taste and imagination. You get a decent meal but they are not exciting. 

Score:13.5 /20

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