Friday, January 10, 2014

Colony (Jerusalem) 12/2013

 In appearance this restaurant could be the little brother of Tatti Loft. It was once some sort of electricity station. It features a large bar, bare brick walls, high ceilings, big tables, no cloths
and a loft dining area, at the top left of this pic,
and a terrace dining space and a large bar.
Décor is simple with uninspiring paintings on the walls (for sale, price on application) and a white on black dining scene at the end of the room.
The service was also pleasant and menus are in English and Hebrew. At present one A$ buys approximately three New Israeli Shekels (NIS).
The food menu was on one page, click on the photo to enlarge it.
with a separate dessert menu whilst the wine menu covered about six pages and included Israeli wines and both new and old world wines.
We ate well
Starting with a pleasant lentil soup 
we went on to several entrees. These are all included with the main courses with occasional surcharges.
Shoosha,  the name was irresistible, is a stuffed pepper in a batter shell was excellent despite it's appearance here,
as was a fairly sweet liver pate with somewhat over toasted brioche.
As so often happens these days their bread was very moorish, served as a small loaf.

Baked eggplant was also delicious.
Main courses we tasted included
Escalope of veal
Gnochi with chestnuts in a cheese sauce
Barbecued chicken breast with Arabian flavours.
Lamb meatballs with root vegetables and salad
A dessert of strawberry sorbet encased in meringue was enough for four.
Here the food was extremely tasty, nicely presented and well worth the price.
Score 14.5/20

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