Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Windows on the Bay (Mordialloc) 04/2013

There are not too many good places to eat at between St.Kilda and Frankston but you can get a very decent meal at this bay side restaurant. During the day there are pleasant views across the beach. There is not much to see at night but the venue is very pleasant. Seating is comfortable, tables are a good size, white linen cloths and napkins all make a good impression. 
The menu provides a good mix of sea food meat and poultry. There are vegetarian and gluten free options. Prices are about average for this sort of restaurant - entrees $14 to $20, mains $30 to $40, sides $8 and desserts $14 to $18, Cheese $24.    
I started with a trilogy. Pork belly on crystallised ginger was a nice variation on apple sauce,  crispy skin and very good as was the coconut prawn and tomato chili. The Hervey bay scallop gratin was a bit dry and the scallop very thin.
Salt and pepper squid, shredded ice berg and whitlof salad lemon salt and Japanese  chili mayonnaise was also a very tasty entree. 

We were surprised to get a very effective palate cleanser before the main course. 

Fish and chips is always popular with us. Here they used Monk fish which is not as appealing as flathead as the flesh is a little mushy and does not hold it's structure well. We got three very good size fillets deep fried in a crisp batter accompanied by a tower of excellent chips a bowl of salad, a wedge of lemon and tartare sauce A substantial meal.

A side dish of green beans tossed in olive oil, roasted cumin seeds and lardons was very much to my taste with the beans fresh and crisp.
I did not taste the duck but was assured that it was a pleasing dish and certainly a substantial size.

For dessert we got to try a variety including Violet brulee a fig parfait, a vanilla orange mousseline and  apple and rhubarb crumble. This was a super end to the meal.

A bottle of Villa Wolf Pinot Gris (2011) was a little expensive at 150% above what you can get it for at Dan Murphy's. However cocktails start at $10!
A pleasing place, a pleasing meal. Not to noisy on this occasion and worth a visit.
Score:13.5 /20


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