Thursday, April 04, 2013

Saturne (Paris) 02/2

Mardi 05 Fevrier
Petillant naturel 8 Eu champagne 14 Eu eau 50cl 4 Eu 1 litre Eu 6

Poireaux, persil, fourme d’ambert
Huitre,poire, cresson
Anguile fume, betterrave, raifort
Turbot sauvage, crosnes, olive noir
Pigeon au sarment de vigne, grand roux au sang
Carotte, Clementine
Choclat, foin
 60 Eu    (Seven matched wines doubled the price)
 Fromages  Comte extra vieux 31 mois de poligny 16 Eu
 Bieres loirette, brasserie de la pigeonelle 75 cl 12 Eu  oude gueuse 3 fonteinen 75 cl 24 Eu
 Cafes l’arbe a café iapar rouge  5 Eu  Thes maison de tres thes 9 Eu  Infusions 7 Eu
 One Euro was about A$1.3

That was what we were faced with when we arrived for our dinner at 7.30. The restaurant was almost completely empty, the tables almost bare with a menu on each one. The place has a very clean bright modern look, almost antiseptic, with a long wall of wine bottles, almost all standing upright.
Our young English speaking waitress was on her first day and needed to consult someone for most questions about the food but she did a fair job of translating the menu.  
Regardless of how it is presented at the table 70% of Paris restaurants source their bread from the one bakery. It is very crusty on the outside looking almost burnt but never tastes burnt. Under this thick crust the soft part of the loaf is very light with fairly large holes like a ciabata.

The menu was unintelligible but the food was very good displaying attractive presentation, colourful modern technique, and balance in flavour. It was too long ago for us to comment on individual dishes but we regarded this as a remarkably good meal. There was a large selection of wines from which to choose



John Salisbury said...

So long since we heard from you Elliot and Sandra.Great to have you back...

Elliot and Sandra said...

Thanks John