Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Drunken Admiral (Hobart) 0/2012

The walls and ceiling of this restaurant are intended to create a nautical atmosphere. They are crowded with paraphernalia reminiscent of the back shed of a retired sailor or a small town maritime museum.

Waiters are almost hyper-kinetic and the chefs keep up with them so a meal can be over before you could get a main course at many other places, not that they aren't pleasant enough and very obliging. Tables are small and close together with little space for the volume of crockery that they have to accommodate. There is a free, simple, cold salad bar with main courses and the serves are handsome. I'm not sure when a soup becomes so thick that it is no longer meets the definition. The seafood bisque could have been eaten with a knife and fork but it had plenty of very good flavour which was not diminished when we added half a glass of wine and a dash of  water.
Bread, with garlic butter, was an extra few $'s as is the custom in Hobart.  
My mussels in a spicy tomato sauce came under a canopy of pita bread. 
Despite the size of their shells the mussels were quite small, perhaps thoroughly over cooked
 and the sauce mundane. There was plenty of both. 
Spaghetti marinara was also a large serve with a coarse pasta. Texturally unsatisfying it nothing special to recommend it.
Fish and chips was really good. The battered trevalla delicate and the chips irresistible.  We ate some of this before I got to taking this picture.      
Finally a killer chocolate dessert left us stuffed with enough calories for a week.
Score: 13/20 

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