Monday, October 08, 2012

Astor Grill (Hobart) 09/2011

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Housed in a building dated from 1821
 this venue has the atmosphere of an English club. Dark wood panels cover half the walls, carpeted floors,and pressed steel white ceilings, white linen clothed tables and dim light all contribute.
 Huon pine representations of fish and animals decorate the walls.

It's very comfortable.
Added to this is very friendly service.  We started with two entrees from a small but attractive menu. A lobster pate with heaps of well toasted bread was dull with little taste mainly provided by the cream cheese base for the pate.
Honey glazed pork belly with leeks could have had crisper crackling but did have good taste 
and wonderful texture for the thick slab of belly.

Bread is not part of the meal and has to be purchased separately if desired. 
Lamb rump was certainly not to die for here. It was tough and stringy The beets served with it were under cooked and quite hard but the Brussel sprouts in a cream sauce and the parsnip puree were both excellent.

Scotch fillet, normally served with roast potato, at  our request, was presented on a bed of massive potato chips. A very nicely prepared most beautiful piece of meat. 
A chocolate pudding was a nice end to the meal. We could not have asked for better.
Here's the menu.


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