Monday, April 09, 2012

Einstein (Caulfield) 04/2012

This busy little cafe promises outstanding coffee turned out by professionally trained barista's. After lauding it's coffee and outlining it's philosophy on the first page of it's seven small page menu it describes a range of breakfast dishes and salads. Some of these have cute but meaningless names like 'relativity' and 'E=mc2'.
It's an inside outside place with high tables and stools of different heights to accommodate shorter or taller clients.
There is also a supply of blankets for the less hardy on colder days. The place is kitschy with buckets of cutlery and a portrait of the great man inside a long fairly dark room. Service is friendly. Food is good cafe style, reasonable size serves without being excessive. Here is a curried omelette sandwich.Teryakii chicken salad.A pleasant place
Score: 13/20

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