Sunday, March 25, 2012

Momoco Sushi Ni (Kew) 03/2012

This is one of two Melbourne restaurants sharing this name. The other is in Elsternwick. We were recommended this one and we were not sorry to come here. It's an attractive place on a very busy road making parking difficult.
Seating is comfortable, chairs have the name of the restaurant embroidered on the seats and carved on their backs.
They have lots of young waitresses though several seemed to have difficulty understanding requests. The menu is on a large double sided laminated sheet with photo's of the dishes around the margins and a special on Japanese pancakes and beer on a piece of paper stuck on the wall. It's eat in or take away and they have two sittings on Sunday night, all you can eat for $38. Prices are generally on the low side.
We were presented with little bowls of pickled salad before our orders arrived.
We opted for variety, starting with a scallop and mango salad which was excellentand a chicken and a seafood pancake. They looked identical and did not taste much different although there was plenty of chicken, or seafood in each of them. They were quite large, and filling, with a gluggy texture which some people might like better than I do. Chicken and pork gyosa came with a light dipping sauce. For mains we tried an udon noodle soup with tempura vegetables and sea food ($2.50 per extra prawn) which was unexceptional, and a sea food hot pot. This suffered from the sea food overcooking in the hot soup. It would have been much better if this had been added at the table. Red bean paste pancake and ice cream was a nice end to an inexpensive substantial meal.
They have a modest wine list, modestly priced. I drank Sake which is very reasonable at $10 for 250 ml of their house brand.Score 13.5/20


John Salisbury said...

Dear Elliot, really must thank you again for your terrific blog.

We eat vicariously through you!!

Kind regards John

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi John,
Tx for that. It is the only way I know to eat and grow thin!

John Salisbury said...

Especially appreciated Sepia and Quay reviews

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi John,
No question in our minds that they are exceptional but Attica is pretty good here in Melbourne too.