Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Worst Restaurant Names 08/2011

This list came from a recent Zagat post


This Italian eatery at the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel in NYC has a name that probably means something beautiful in Italian, but in English suggests an unappetizing reference to a not-so-sanitary part of the human anatomy. Personally, we don't want to think about anyone's a*s anywhere near our food.

Beaver Choice

When we saw the name of this Arizona Scandinavian eatery, we couldn't help but think to ourselves: beaver...huh-huh. Good name, guys – we all know how much beavers love Scandinavian food.

Big Wong

This Manhattan Chinese restaurant is a Chinatown legend but its name makes us immature Americans snicker like frat boys.

Crabby Dick’s

This Mid-Atlantic seafood chain's name is probably just a silly play on the owner's first name, but it's certainly not making us hungry for King Crab legs.


This Houston Italian was going to call itself porta-pottie-itto's, but they decided that was too crass.

Fu King Chinese

Read the name of this Florida Chinese eatery too quickly and you might think someone just dropped the F-bomb.

Goat Lips

The owners of this Florida deli really should have run this name through Urban Dictionary before rolling with it. Just sayin'.


This Beverly Hills Vietnamese makes a humorous play on the famous zip code, but does it really work as a restaurant name?

Phat Phuc

While "Phuc" in Vietnamese actually means blessings and luck, the swear word it sounds like in English makes for a silly name for a London noodle bar. But phuc – we kind of love it.

Pink Taco

If a pervy, double entendre–laden name is going to work anywhere, it's Vegas, which is where this popular Mexican chain originated. While the name doesn't seem to be turning off most patrons on the whole, the brand has had a few run-ins with offended women in Arizona when it tried to open a Scottsdale location. But ownership defends itself by claiming the name is based on its signature dish – and although certain things are legal in Nevada, they sure aren't serving that.

There were a few other offers from 'Comments'

Number 2 Deli

Battered Beaver

Skin & Bones


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