Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fountain (Box Hill) 04/2011

The Fountain is the restaurant associated with Box Hill TAFE. It's a place where future chef's cut their teeth and patron, at times, grind theirs. Not so last night when Chef Daman Shirivastav supervised a quite superb meal.
Starting with an entree of pan seared Atlantic salmon

accompanied by a pea puree,glazed baby fennel and a wonderful orange and Pernot zabaion ,which looked beautiful on the plate and was excellent on the palate. The salmon was lightly seared on the outside with crisp skin and pink and moist on the inside. Rare to get fish so ideally cooked. Here is a pic endeavouring to show the inside of the fillet.
The main course, a very large grain fed eye fillet, on horse radish and potato roesti, sauteed baby autumn vegetables, onion, bone marrow and a large zuccini flower stuffed with cheese.
Every element of this was so good that I felt no need to try the accompanying sauce Bordelaise sauce. The ever so slightly cooked meat hardly needed a knife and melted in the mouth.In case one felt the need bread rolls with olive oil and salt was available to mop up the juices from the meat.
Warm chocolate fondant dessert with a strawberry sorbet was the only slight weakness in the meal. The chocolate was too cool and did not run when the pastry was cut.
None the less it was rich and very desirable for any chocoholic.
Coffee was served with hand made chocolates too.No doubt there is considerable variation in the standard of meals served here but this was a two hat meal anytime.
Score: 16.5/20

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