Friday, April 08, 2011

Daneli's Deli (Balaclava) 04/2011

Daneli's is comparable to the many kosher deli's that abound in Manhattan. It's fleischig , literally flesh, which means that they serve meat and dairy products are not available.The meat is kosher so there is no pork. It's eat in or take away. The toilet is through the kitchen but for the orthodox there is a hand basin in the room. Tables and chairs are simple,
unadorned, cafe style, as is the food. There is a pleasant interpretation of a St. Kilda scene on one wall.
The glass fronted counter was packed with ready to eat food,
and soft drink.
It looked good but I had no great expectations when we ordered a beef burger with tomato, gherkin, mayo lettuce and an egg
with a side plate of chips.
It was an EXCELLENT burger. The large buns were well filled with plenty of meat, furthermore it was moist and very tasty. Matt Preston chose Daniels, a kilometre down, the road as the best burger in town. I think he'd be surprised if he had tested the opposition here. The only thing missing was cheese and it really didn't need it. The substantial serve of chips was good too.The only thing they could have improved was to toast the buns a bit more, a trivial matter.
If you want a really good burger we'd recommend Daneli
Score 13.25/20

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