Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Humble House (Brighton) 10/2010

Half the restaurants in Melbourne are below average and half of them are above it, whatever that means. I have no problem with placing many of them in, what is to me, the appropriate category. Humble House at 11 Church St. Brighton sits comfortably in the better category. Indeed the first dish we ate there was one of the best soups I can remember. Some might be deterred by its deep green colour but this spinach fish/prawn soup ($8)

was outstanding. As is so often the case where the first dish served is excellent those that follow are also very good. After an entrée of crab shell stuffed with crab meat ($11)
which was fairly ordinary and a crumbed Mongolian steak

which was also fairly average we had two sea food dishes. The first, prawns with snow peas,
was served with a rich but subtle ginger butter sauce that was so good that we bought a container of it to take home. The prawns were just cooked and as a result they were less dense and more flavoursome than usual. I’ve not had this sauce before. It’s a great match for a delicate crustacean. A large fillet of Barramundi in a fish sauce

met all my standards for and finally what Sandra described as the best banana fritters she's had completed the meal.It’s an unpretentious place with room for about 40 downstairs

and another couple of dozen in an upstairs area. The whole place was pretty full so reserving a table is highly desirable.

Score 14.25/20

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